SF Marina Systems-UAE



SF MARINA was established in Sweden in the early eighties and has during the years become internationally renowned for its concrete pontoons and floating breakwaters. SF MARINA recently bought PONTONA in Sweden, which has a history in pontoon manufacturing dating back to 1918.


PAX KENT INTERNATIONAL L.L.C are the Dubai represents of SF MARINA in the UAE. The pontoons are manufactured by a it’s sister company PKI Marina FZ-LLC in the UAE. SF MARINA has produced pontoons in Saudi Arabia under a license agreement since 1987 and in the UAE since 2004.

We have successfully produced and installed numerous pontoons since then and completed most installations on a turn key basis.

Connectors, gangways, mooring fingers, cleats etc. are part of SF MARINA’s product range.

We provide electrical and mechanical components and accessories used for the installation of services from specialised international manufacturers and are agents for:

TallyKey® Service pedestals

Aister Marinas, Aluminium pontoon system, used in combination with the SF MARINA Type 31 concrete floats

KECO, Pump-Out systems

Seaflex Mooring Systems

ShorePort Jet Ski docks

Over the years, the SF MARINA standard pontoon has been continuously adapted specifically for the local environment of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf waters. The pontoons produced today in UAE have a life expectancy of 30 – 50 years, as those that are manufactured for the rest of the world, despite the harsh environment in the Arabian Gulf.

The pontoons are generally installed using a mooring system, i. e. concrete anchor blocks and chains, which eliminate the use of piling and other permanent structures. The mooring system is particularly suited for the SF MARINA pontoons. The SEAFLEX mooring system has also been used in many applications. The pontoons can however also be installed to piles.

The weight of the pontoons and corresponding high live load adds to the comfort of a stable dock and provides good protection from wakes and waves to the moored boats.

The 52 standard pontoons include pontoons used for marinas and floating breakwater pontoons. Within this range, the sizes vary from 2.40 m to 6.0 m in width and from 10.0 m to 30.0 m in length. Pontoons with “out of standard” dimensions can be designed and produced to suit particular applications and requirements.

Other applications worldwide of the SF MARINA pontoons have included, amongst others:

Commercial fishing harbours

Floating fuel docks

Ferry Landings and Jetties

Fish farming projects

Pontoon bridges

Floating buildings

The system is extremely adaptable and environmentally friendly.

Our range of breakwater pontoons now includes pontoons of 8m and 10m wide and 20m long. The connectors for these pontoons are designed for a breaking load in excess of 250 ton per joint.

We look forward being of assistance to your projects and assure you our outmost cooperation.