SF Marina Systems supply a wide range of accessories to enhance safety and comfort.

Anchoring Systems - SF Marina Systems use state-of-the-art anchoring systems that are discreet,             clean, quiet, and comfortable.  

Bollards and Cleats - These are designed to suit individual requirements. They are available in aluminium, hot-dipped galvanised steel, or acid-proof stainless steel. Special fittings are available for pile-mooring.  

Pontoon Connectors - The connector between the pontoons is patented and dimensioned according to estimated stress factors. It allows smooth, subdued movement between units.  

Utility Pedestals - The pontoons can be equipped with utility pedestals incorporating power, lighting and water outlets.  

Fingers - Different types of fingers can be supplied. From heavy ones made of concrete to smaller ones made of aluminium, hot-dipped galvanised steel or steel and wood combined.  

Gangways, railings and security gates - Gangways, railings and security gates are supplied for various requirements  

Safety and bathing ladders - A wide selection of bathing and safety ladders together with other accessories is available.  


SF Marina Systems-UAE